Location History
Simon have been living in Clementi Estate & West Coast (kampong) area since birth until Jan1978 (aged 12) when his family have to be relocated to nearby Clementi New Town. In Mar1999 (aged 33) he relocated from Clementi to Jurong West where he now resides for the past 17 years 

Education & National Service
Simon was schooled in General Education at De La Salle Primary (1972~1977) & Yusof Ishak Secondary (1978~1982). He then took up C&G Certificate in Computer Studies (1983~1984) before serving compulsory National Service (Jun1984~Jun1986) 

Employment Experiences
Simon have been employed by the private sector since leaving NS in 1986 and have been with the..
* IT industry for about 5yrs [Westin Hotels (1986~1988) & Sony Precision (1989~1991)], and the
* Logistics industry for about 8yrs [Chinon Asia (1993~1996), Schick Singapore (1996~1999), Ciba Specialty Chemicals / Vantico (2000~2001)] 
He's been self-employed as a Property Salesperson for approximately 16yrs [ERA (2002~2003), Propnex (2003~2005), HSR (2005~2008), Landz Realty (2008~2009), ERA (2009~2010)], back to HSR (2010~Jun2015), and now with OrangeTee (Jul2015 onwards) 
He also took up part-time employment & volunteered as Technical Support with Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (a non-profit organization for the care & support of troubled foreigners on employment in Singapore) 

Lifelong & Continuing Education
Throughout Simon's employment, he's been through various courses & seminars..
* NLP Accelerated Learning in Peak Performance for Men, Communication Models, Awakening Your Genius Brain (1988~1989)
* NET School of Evangelization (1990~1992) <Batch 5>
* Monochrome/Color/Studio Photography & Darkroom Techniques (1992~1995) under instruction by renown photographer gurus Yip Hoi Kee, Patrick Yee & Foo Tee Jun at SAFRA Photographic Club
* Cargo Handling & Shipping (1994)
* TradeNet (1995)
* A+ certification (1999)
* Work Skills Training Programme & Self-Employment Training Programme by SPEC (2002)
* Principles & Practice of Singapore Real Estate and ERA Sales System Training by ERA (2002)
* Diploma in Information Technology by Informatics (2003~2004)
* Foundation Cert in Real Estate Management & Maintenance (2009)
* Common Examination for Salesperson (2010)
* Regular continuing education as required by CEA 

Travels for Leisure & sometimes for Work
Simon started travelling to other countries from the age of 10. The places he visited were..
* Australia: Sydney & Canberra (1981-2), Perth & SW region (Apr1997), Darwin & Cairns (Feb1999), 
Sydney / Adelaide - Melbourne - Tasmania - Canberra - Sydney / Brisbane - Byron Bay - Town of 1770 (Sep-Nov2001), 
Gold Coast (2004), Sydney (May2015) 
* China: Yunnan (1998), Chengdu & Tibet (2004)
* Hong Kong (1978/1996) & Taiwan (1978) 
* Indonesia: Pulau Batam (?), Pulau Bintang (1990), Medan & Lake Toba (1983), Bali (2002)
* Laos: Vientiane & Luang Prabang (2003)
* Malaysia: Mersing (1989), Pengarang (?), Malacca (1990/2015), Fraser Hill (?), Penang/Ipoh/KL (1994), Pulau Redang (?&?), Lake Kenyir (?), Mt Ophir (2004), Kota Tinggi Waterfalls (?), Johor Bahru (countless times), KL (2014), Ah Fatt Kelong Fishing off Penyabong Jetty in Johor (2014), Kuching (?), Kota (Mt) Kinabalu (2004) 
* Nepal: Kathmandu / Pokhara / Royal Chitwan National Park (May1992) 
* New Zealand: North Island (2002)
* Philippines: Manila (1976) (1995 including Cebu)
* Thailand: Bangkok (1994/1995/1999/2000/2003/2010/2013/2014/2015), Chiang Mai (1994/1995/2006-7/2015), Nong Khai (2003), Chiang Rai & Mae Sai (2006-7)
* Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City (2012)

Further Experiences
As a result of a photographic trip to Tibet China in Feb~Mar2004, Simon participated in a group photography exhibition "Tibet: Through the Eyes of 4 Travellers" at the National Library (Jurong Regional) during Mar2005

Social Voluntarism
Simon have been with the Sri Lankan Catholic Migrant Community during 1998-2010, as a Volunteer Teacher (Basic Computer Skills) & Photographer for Graduation ceremonies held for Foreign Domestic Workers at Laksatha Skills Centre. This centre was subsequently merged with Madonna Skills Centre to form the Archdiocesan Commission for Migrants & Itinerants (ACMI). Some years later, he joined Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) as a volunteer to teach unskilled migrants Computer Fundamentals, and subsequently joined as staff for IT Support for 6mths 

Leisure activities 
Simon have been active in recreational sports like Walking, Hiking, Badminton, Zhineng Qigong and occasionally Kayaking & Climbing ever since he joined a small group of like-minded friends for such activities since the early 1990s. As such he spends much interest in Healthy Eating & Nutrition. He spends his weekends practising Zhineng Qigong & playing Badminton with his group of 16-20 regulars & occasional new players in his "Angry Birds" Badminton Group 

Passive Income 
After having attended various seminars over the years, some of which are by Success Resources, & being trained to think differently throughout his Real Estate career, Simon is slowly building up his momentum for passive income. After having been through several Network Marketing opportunities, he is currently making his home with Isagenix which provides him opportunity to slowly transform his body to look good & feel healthy.